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Learn about popular routes of Russia, Europe, and Asia

Learn about popular routes of Russia, Europe, and Asia

One of the usual routes from Europe to China by Trans-Siberian Railway is the Silk Route via Kazakhstan, where one can experience quick processing of visas to travel through the countries.

Trans – Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world and the best way to discover Russia, Europe, and Asia. The Russian Railway covers the entire routes of Russia, Mongolia, China that highlights the culture and heritage and spirit of the people of the region. You can have glimpses of nature and scenic beauty of the entire stretch of Trans-Siberia. You could be traveling in one of the best trains and routes of this part of the world that is exhilarating.

You may use trains to reach Central Asia from Europe and Moscow:

  • London to Moscow: Trains run daily takes 48 hours.
  • Moscow to Almaty or Astana, Kazakhstan: Straight to China
  • Moscow to Bishkek, Kyrgistan:
  • Moscow to Tashkent, Uzbekistan: Via Uzbekistan
  • Tashkent to Samarqand to Bokhara & Urqench for Khiva: to 3 cities of Uzbekistan
  • Tashkent to Almaty
  • Almaty or Astana to Urumqi: To China
  • Urumqi to Xian to Beijing: into Xian and Beijing.

How to Book Russian Train Tickets

You can book your Russian Train tickets online that is the easiest and most convenient way to plan your travel. The Russian Railway through its online website portal updates information about Russian train tickets and their prices. To know about the availability of Russian train tickets one has to fill up the route information in train ticket search and hit submit button, you will get all the information regarding your route and Russian train tickets prices. Before doing all this you have to register with Russian Railway web portal and start booking and buying your tickets online.

The process of booking Russian train tickets as explained earlier is done online that is convenient to travelers. You need to plan your travel schedule well in advance regarding the dates, time and destination routes so that it is for you to book all your Russian train tickets according to the destinations and routes so that you can complete the whole process in one go. The Russian Railway will be sending your e-tickets to your email address. If you happen to buy from the Russian train tickets resellers, they will arrange to send the paper tickets to your physical postal address. This way you will be in possession of the original paper tickets that can save you time when at some stations where you board the train would require physical tickets. The other documents that you need to carry are your passport and visa papers along with a photo id card if required.
Routes within Russia

Routes within Russia

Russia, as a country has good tourist potential due to, is scenic beauty and nature. The country has several routes that have been used by many tourists where the tourism network is good with a lot of amenities like restaurants, hotels and gift shops. The most popular among these are Moscow to St. Petersburg, the Golden Ring of Russia and the Trans-Siberian Railway, which is the longest railway in the world.

The popular tourist route is the Golden Ring of Russia that is based on Central European Russia.

Trans-Siberian Railway Route: This is the longest railway in the world covering seven time zones connection Europe, Russia, and Asia. This longest route covers 9000 and odd kilometers and about seven days of train travel will forever be etched in your memory as the most beautiful trip covering several cultures of people and their daily lives.

There are several tour packages for covering Trans-Siberian railroad that include tourist guides and some stoppages at most amazing cities, with comfortable hotel stays will bring alive the thrill and adventure of touring the most beautiful scenic spots in the world. The excitement and fun-filled site seeing of the country will stay in your mind for long.

International Routes

Russian Railway is one of the oldest and largest railways in the world; Trans-Siberian Railways holds the distinction of the longest railway in the world. Both these together connect several places in Europe, Russia, and Asia passing through seven time zones. The high-speed trains providing the luxury of air travel by cutting short the time taken to travel between two destinations. With advanced technology, with modern amenities, these trains bring to you an exhilarating experience of the scenic beauty and nature of the countryside by looking out of your train windows. Some of the routes are London-Moscow-St Petersburg. The other routes have been mentioned earlier in the article that is Trans-Siberian route, which takes you to the different destinations and different culture of people connecting three continents giving you a glimpse of their daily lives and countryside nature. The food, the cuisine, cultural events of these places is worth spending your time.

Going to Russia, Europe, and Asia is a good idea but prior to your actual trip, there is a lot of work to do, like planning the itinerary, getting visas, raising the money, booking tickets for the travel, booking hotels in advance for accommodation and all the nitty-gritty things involved in traveling.