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Trans-Siberian routes

The Trans-Siberian train traveling is considered to be the longest by the length in the world. So if you are ready to decline for several days the hot shower, health food, and soft bed, you will get a lot of impressions from the trip on this route that covers 9289 kilometers.

The Trans-Siberian railway is the longest railway route in the world, passing through seven time zones and a huge variety of natural areas, from forests and mountains to deserts and steppes. A train trip along the TRANS-Siberian railway, certainly, can be one of the brightest experiences in your life. Every stop along the route is an introduction to a new culture.

Interesting facts about the route

  • The Trans-Siberian railway is the longest railway route in the world
  • The fastest train on this route arrives at its final destination within a week
  • There are several trains on this route one of which is "Golden eagle". The traveling by this train lasts 14 days
  • "Golden eagle" is one of the most luxurious and expensive trains in Russia
  • Traveling by this train will allow you to visit the most interesting places in the country, meeting on the route Moscow – Vladivostok or in reverse direction
  • The train consists of cars of different classes with compartments, which have everything you need for a comfortable journey. It’s about such amenities as a separate bathroom, which can be used at bus stops, a spacious berth, wardrobe, TV in each compartment
  • The train also includes a dining car. There is a compartment for the disabled in one of the cars.

Trans-Siberian tickets

Booking of Trans-Siberian rail tickets may not be as easy as it seems at first glance. Actually, a separate Trans-Siberian Express as such does not exist - there are many trains, running both on domestic and international routes and crossing the border with Mongolia and China. There are several options for buying Trans Siberian train tickets. It’s about the way of traveling you are going to chose. You can purchase Trans Siberian railway tickets for slower and faster trains. Very often the Trans-Siberian train ticket for the slow train could cost less than Trans-Siberian railroad tickets for faster one, for example for a train called “Russia” running from Moscow to Vladivostok. It is a most convenient and fastest train on the route that stops only at large settlements.

Trans-Siberian schedule on our website will help you to choose a suitable train and buy a ticket at a bargain price. There are also a great number of advantages you can get when booking Trans-Siberian rail tickets on It’s about such pros as:
  • available tickets for all classes of wagons
  • the most simple and convenient booking process
  • reasonable prices
  • possibility to pay for the ticket with all types of credit cards
In general, the traveling by Trans-Siberian railway is safe enough. However, we would advise to travel with the company and buy the tickets for places in the compartment car.

From the Mongolian slopes to the snow-capped peaks of Siberia, the Trans-Siberian railway is a journey that will be remembered forever. Traveling via this route is the best way to see this world for what it truly is.