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Red Arrow Train

On our website, you can buy tickets and find out the timetable of Red Arrow train departure. This type of train is a perfect option for traveling between the largest Russian cities.

Luxury overnight Red Arrow train Moscow to St. Petersburg has its own special and fascinating history. And you are going to know all about it if you read this article till the end.

Interesting facts about Red Arrow Russian train

  • The first launch of Red Arrow night train was carried out in 1931. Since then that railroad train successfully connects Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • It took its name because of the bright red color of the cars. The exterior of the wagons is so bright and flashy that the whole train looks like a real red arrow
  • The distinguishing features of the train are high-comfort amenities, reasonable ticket price, the availability of 2-bed VIP cabins provided to passengers
  • This famous train has for a long time been the symbol of two Russian capitals and of all country as well. Red Arrow train Russia supplied with the first-class cars as early as 193. And that was really nonsense at that time
  • The level of service in these cars was incredible for those times. For the first time, passengers were provided with draughts, chess, and other board games during the trip. There were canteens where passengers could order dinner with delivery to the compartment in the train.
  • At that time Red Arrow was not only the fastest and most comfortable but also the most accurate train
  • During the 1930s and 1940s, high-ranking Soviet and foreign officials would travel by Red Arrow.
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Red Arrow train cars review

2-bed VIP cabin

If you’re going to travel by Red Arrow train Moscow - St Petersburg it worth noting that during the trip you'd be relaxing in the total comfort. For this purpose, we encourage buying the 2-bed VIP cabin or 1-bed cabin tickets for Red Arrow train on the route from St Petersburg to Moscow. There is only one car with 2-bed VIP cabins of this type in a trainset. This car contains only 4 private sleeper cabins assigned for 2 passengers. The ticket price includes a meal, mineral water, a travel vanity kit, bed linen set with a towel, and newspapers.
There are transforming sofa, an upper bunk bed, air-conditioning, a socket for 220V, free Wi-Fi Internet, a private bathroom with a washbasin and shower, TV set in each 2-bed VIP Cabin.

Red Arrow train first-class car with 1-bed Cabin

This is an option for passengers who don’t want to share a space with other travelers and are going to the traveling time alone and in total comfort. In this case, you can travel with your pet. The ticket price includes a meal, mineral water, a travel vanity kit, bed linen set with a towel, and newspapers as well.

2-berth cabin

This type of car contains nine compartments with two-berth in each one. You can book 2 tickets and travel alone in the cabin. The ticket price includes a meal, mineral water, a travel vanity kit, bed linen set with a towel. Also there is an air-conditioning system, a socket for 220V in the cabin.

Red Arrow Train Moscow - St. Petersburg contains also 4-berth cabins, 3-berth cabins. Ticket price for the places in these cars is lower, however, the conditions of your travel are quite good. Anyway, your trip will be as much comfortable and pleasant as possible.