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Grand Express Luxury Train

On you can find out a timetable for Grand Express train departure from your city and also buy the tickets at a reasonable price. It runs between Moscow and St. Petersburg and the travel time is about 9 hours. Grand Express Russia train is often called a traveling grand hotel because of its cars of premium economy and the availability of buffet car.

A really long time Grand Express train St Petersburg – Moscow has been a number one among others and even the special trains could not exceed it by the level of comfort. Nevertheless, in 2005 the company Grand Express Service made a breakthrough in the field of rail transport and released the train, which took into account all the wishes of passengers.

Usual train or a traveling grand hotel?

You'd think, what may surprise you in Grand Express train from Moscow to St. Petersburg? It isn’t unique, is it? The answer is … Yes, it is! The advantages that make Grand Express overnight train distinguished are the following:
  • luxury cars
  • the highest class of finishing inside the cars
  • comfort, which is common to a five-star hotel
  • modern engineering systems
  • experienced staff
  • full range of services
Today in the Grand Express train Moscow to St Petersburg you can do everything you do at home or in the office: to work, watch your favorite movies, chat with friends on the Internet, etc.

Excellent standards – types of railcars

Grand Express train St Petersburg to Moscow as well as Grand Trans-Siberian Express train is composed of compartment cars most of which are of the highest category. The development of the new railcars reflected all existing technologies at the present time. That’s why there are comfortable upholstered furniture, comfortable ergonomic desk, LCD TV set with digital channels, wireless high-speed Internet access, individual bathroom unit in each car.

Today Grand Express train in Russia exceeds not only direct competitors – branded overnight trains but also the high-speed train Sapsan.

Traveling with comfort between the two capitals of Russia has become easier, it is enough to buy Grand Express train tickets in advance on and you will and you will ensure for yourself a great trip. Just choose the class of service that meets your ideas about a comfortable journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg or vice versa.

The level of service in the train allows you to make comparisons with a luxury hotel, and in addition, to compare the train on equal terms with the nearest rivals - branded trains that run on the same route.

Grand Express strives to meet all the requirements of its passengers, offering incredible comfort combined with a convenient timetable and a lot of services included in the ticket price. That is why the journey, the length of which is about eight hours, passes almost imperceptibly in time.