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Trains between Latvia and Russia
First and last trains


Первое - 20:30
Последнее - 20:30
Trains overview


Поездов в день - 1
Цена от - 2889
Route overview


Latvia расписание

Время в пути Время прибытие Поезд Цена от
Riga — St. Petersburg
Ежедневно: 17:30
16h 0m09:30
Riga — Moscow
Ежедневно: 17:30
16h 47m10:17

Trains between Latvia and Russia


The Most affordable Train Service - Latvia to Russia train

A Latvia to Russia border of 214 km runs between the two. When travelling from Latvia to Russia there are various ways to pick, amongst which the Latvia to Russia train service is the most affordable.
When you choose to travel, you have to apply for a visa. A tourist visa is necessary. A Latvia to Russia train travels into Russia crossing a visa check. The train that starts at Riga traveling 7 hours to Pollock. Next to Moscow.

Trains from Latvia to Russia

Latvia to Russia train (from Riga to Moscow) travels a whole night. Departs at 20:30 from Riga and reaches to Moscow by midday. Latvia to Russia train completes trip in 16h 47m hours. There is also a Latvia to Russia train that travels to St. Petersburg.

Riga to St. Petersburg:
There is another train from Riga to St. Petersburg, summing up there are the only two Latvia to Russia trains. This train rain leaves at 20:30 and arrives after 16h the next day.

Online train tickets from Latvia to Russia

Train tickets online are available on All the first class online train tickets for Latvia to Russia ranges from $44.24 USD. The online ticket for Latvia to Russia train in the third class is much cheaper than in the first class.
Online train tickets are to be booked before the session expires. After you select all the details, the portal will direct you to review your order. After a correction in the booking, the last step of ordering online train tickets is payments. The train tickets online are delivered to your email directly. offers this service. You may pick a one way or round trip, to schedule online train tickets early.

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Вопросы и Ответы

How far is Latvia from Moscow?
The distance between Moscow and Latvia is 802 km. The road distance is 913.9 km.
How far is Riga from St Petersburg?
305 miles. Distance between Saint Petersburg and Riga is 491 kilometers (305 miles). Driving distance from Saint Petersburg to Riga is 582 kilometers (361 miles).
Timetable and approximate prices for train trip Riga - Moscow?
Go to the “Routes” section, select the train route and date and follow the further instructions.
Is there an overnight train between Moscow and Riga?
Latvijas Expresis is an overnight train between Moscow and Riga.