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Trains between Italy and Russia
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Первое - 18:17
Последнее - 20:35
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Поездов в день - 1
Цена от - 18100
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Italy расписание

Время в пути Время прибытие Поезд Цена от
Milan — Smolensk
Ежедневно: 15:17
37h 54m06:11
Milan — Moscow
Ежедневно: 15:17
42h 41m10:58
Verona p nuova — Moscow
Ежедневно: 17:35
40h 23m10:58

Trains between Italy and Russia


How to Travel Via Train From Italy To Russia?

The Italy - Russia train passes through the countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Monaco, and France. Before this, Russia and France were connected via train route only in tsarist Russia. The train routes were then modified and re-constructed with latest technologies to accomplish a comfortable journey for the passengers.

About VIP Coaches

This is the best traveling route via train from Italy to Russia with upgraded RIC type carriages. The train consists of different compartments with various facilities. The VIP 1st class compartment includes four double-occupancy sleeping compartments having two beds on each level. The provided lower beds are about 110 cm wide.
The compartments also have a private bathroom and shower for providing facilities that are more hygienic to the passengers. Next is the 1st class berth that contains eight wide double-occupancy sleeping compartments with two lower beds. The 2nd class berth is a made with a small change as compared to the 1st class berth. It consists of a, eight quad-occupancy sleeping compartments with two lower and two upper beds in it.

Well versed Facility

Each cabin is furnished with a shower facility and all the carriages have air-conditioning options. All the compartment doors have safety latches with peepholes and are well equipped with smart cards accessibility systems.
It is one of the longest trans-European rail routes that lengths to 3 315 km, with a maximum speed limit of 200 km/h for European gauge (1435 mm) and 160 km/h for Russian gauge (1520 mm). Route panels, electronic boards, and the vestibule designs of the train all these features make it easy for accessing all types of platforms. You will need to receive a Belarus transit visa while crossing from Belarus. Electronic tickets and paper tickets both are available on this train.

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Вопросы и Ответы

Is there a train from Italy to Russia?
Yes, there is Milan — Moscow train, Milan — Smolensk train, and Verona p nuova — Moscow train.
How many hours is Italy from Russia by train?
It's about 44h 14m.
How far is Moscow from Rome?
3066 kilometers. Distance from Moscow to Rome is approximately 3066 kilometers.
What is the cheapest way to get from Italy to Russia?
Travel in comfort and save between Italy and Russia by train with us!
How far is it from Italy to Russia?
Distance from Italy to Russia is 6,163 kilometers.
How long does it take to get from Italy to Russia?
It takes approximately 40h 23m to get from Italy to Russia, including transfers.