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Trains between Austria and Russia
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Первое - 09:05
Последнее - 09:05
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Поездов в день - 1
Цена от - 13815
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Austria расписание

Время в пути Время прибытие Поезд Цена от
Viena — Moscow
Ежедневно: 06:05
27h 53m10:58

Trains between Austria and Russia


Trains between Austria and Russia

For those who are planning to travel from Austria to Russia by train, we are glad to represent the special guide. So, the traveling as always starts with buying the train tickets Austria – Russia. For this, we recommend applying the online service Do it in purpose easy and quickly purchase desired Austria train tickets at an affordable price and get to Moscow from Vienna without any troubles. As per schedule, you can buy Vienna – Moscow railway tickets online for the train with the first departure at 09:05.

This train runs 1 time per day and covers the distance 1670 km. In this case, you have to spend 27h 53m on the way. If you travel in both directions then you should buy two-way ticket Austria – Russia. Respectively it will take you twice as long as that to reach the final destination. The two-way tickets also are available at, so book them right away for the one-way or two-way journey from Austria to Russia.

Fast and comfortable train on the route Austria – Russia

Our website offers the railway tickets for the high-speed trains Sapsan and Allegro and others that mean you can get the desired destination by fastest train. The detailed information about these trains is accessible in the same name chapters of the website. Just go to the tab Sapsan or Allegro in the top menu to read about all advantages of traveling by these high-speed trains.

Concerning the offered services on the train rout Austria – Russian Federation, they are the following:

  • Car coupe
  • Car Lux
  • Upper places
  • Down places
  • Adult/Child/Infant places
  • Nonstop to Moscow and Vienna (in back direction)
The train consists of modern compartments that are well equipped and contains all the necessities:

  • Comfortable sleeping berths
  • Sofas
  • Conditioning systems
  • Bathroom unit

Despite a long time on the way – about 30 hours you won’t get tired from your journey whereas you travel in stresses conditions and comfort. All high-speed trains for which we sell the Austria train tickets are comfortable, fast and are standards-compliant samples. It doesn’t matter you travel 1st or 2nd class – the journey is guaranteed to be pleasant and comfortable. And a great number of our customers’ reviews just confirm that.

How to purchase the Austria train tickets

We offer the easiest way to buy the one way or two-way tickets from Austria to Russia. Do to this just follow these instructions:

  • Go to the page with the routes between the cities
  • Chose the required direction
  • Read the information on the page (departure time, price, distance, journey time, etc.)
  • Click on the route tab in timetable section
  • Point the date of the departure
  • Chose the car class and the seats
  • Fill the form
  • Make the payment

After we get the payment we send you the e-tickets on email. Before getting on the train it is recommended to print a hard copy of the e-ticket. Also, you are free to exchange the e-ticket at the ticketing office at any railway station in your city.

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Вопросы и Ответы

How far is Austria from Russia?
1670 km from Vienna to Moscow by train. Fastest journey - 27h 53m.
How many hours from Austria to Russia?
27h 53m by train. Distance by Land Transport: 1940 km. This road journey will take 1 Days, 3 Hours, 2 Minutes.
What is the cheapest way to get from Austria to Russia?
The cheapest way to get from Austria to Russia is is traveling by train.
How far is it from Austria to Russia?
The road distance is 1940 km.
How long does it take to get from Austria to Russia?
Fastest journey - 27h 53m by train. The quickest way to get from Austria to Russia is to fly, it takes 5h 49m.