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Lastochka High-Speed Train

Lastochka train took its name from the fast-moving bird – swallow. The train was developed by well-known German multinational conglomerate company Siemens AG. It consists of 5 cars, the total length is about 130 meters. The train is capable of achieving a speed of 100 km/h.

Interesting facts about Lastochka train

  • Lastochka train has the most reasonable price for tickets. Your costs on the route Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod would amount to $7
  • You can buy tickets only for seat places
  • There are shelves for outerwear and hand baggage under the windows in each car
  • The seats in Lastochka train cars are arranged in 2 rows along the carriage with 2 and 3 joint seats
  • All railcars are well air-conditioned have bathroom units and provide passengers with mandatory sanitary facilities
  • In some cars, passengers are allowed to travel with pets
  • In the nearest future, in Lastochka train the passengers will have access to the Internet (Wi-Fi)

Lastochka train timetable

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