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FAQ from the TrainToRussia

What companies are engaged in the transportation of passengers?
How can I take baggage safely?
Moscow railway stations.
St. Petersburg railway stations.
Trains between Moscow and Saint Petersburg
Is there food and drinks in the train?
Smoking in trains.
Is there toilet, shower cabins and bed linen in Russian trains?
When should I buy tickets?
Types of trains.
Types and classes of carriages.
Payment for your tickets.
The terms and conditions for refund. (Returning or cancellation of the ticket)
How can I read the ticket?
What is the time zone for the schedule (local or Moscow)?
We don’t want strangers in our compartment.
Male and female compartments.
My train passes through Belarus or Mongolia, do I need a visa? For which intermediate countries visa required?
Animal transportation.
If I have trouble with the site, what should I do?
How long will your order be processed?
If we haven’t answered your questions...
What documents do I need for buying tickets?
How to enter the document number correctly?
Booking places for children.
Documents required for presentation to the porter during boarding the train.