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Trains between France and Russia
First and last trains

First & last trains

First departure - 12:30
Last departure - 02:40
Trains overview

Trains overview

Trains per day - 1
Price from - 18117
Route overview

Route overview

France timetable

Departure time
Travel time Arrival time Train Price from
Nice β€” Smolensk
Daily: 09:30
43h 41m06:11
Nice β€” Moscow
Daily: 09:30
48h 28m10:58
Paris β€” Smolensk
Daily: 18:58
34h 13m06:11
Paris East
Paris β€” Moscow
Daily: 18:58
39h 0m10:58
Paris East
Strasbourg β€” Moscow
Daily: 23:40
34h 18m10:58
Paris East

Trains between France and Russia


Short Guide For Train From France To Russia

France to Russia or the Paris to Moscow train is one of the fast and classiest ways to travel with an increased level of services. There operates a comfortable way to travel by train from London or Paris to Russia. The route goes all the way from Paris Gare de l'Est to Moscow.

A Quick Guide With The Route Of Operation

This once a week all year-round train from France to Russia is constructed with 2 and 4 berths of regular sleeping cars, luxurious 1 & 2 bed VIP deluxe sleeping-cars along with a great restaurant car. The train tickets are available accounting to your journey ranging from long or short trips. It is considered as one of the longest direct passenger trains in Europe running.
It covers a distance for some 2486 km or about 1544.729 miles going through five countries: France, Germany, Poland, Belarus, and Russia. It runs for about 1 time per day and the journey gives a marvelous experience of about 39h 0m as a whole.
You can book France to Russia train tickets as per your journey date and route by several ways. Generally, the ticket booking procedure begins around 2 months prior to the stated date. You also check online and choose your preferred type of train for the tour by searching for the train by name.

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Questions and Answers

How long is the train ride from Paris to Moscow?
The travel time between Moscow and Paris is 39 hours 0 minutes. The first train leaving Paris is at 21:58. Price from - $336.50.
How far is it from Paris France to Moscow Russia?
2486 kilometers.
How far is Paris from Moscow?
Approximately 1,545 Miles respectively 2,487 kilometers
Are there direct trains from Moscow to Paris?
Yes, there's a direct Moscow to Paris sleeper train which operates daily. The train departs from the Belorusskiy Station in Moscow at 21:14.
When to book Moscow to Paris train tickets?
With you can book your train tickets from Moscow to Paris and backwards whenever you want. The prices usually start from 695 USD.