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Trains between Estonia and Russia
First and last trains

First & last trains

First departure - 19:48
Last departure - 19:48
Trains overview

Trains overview

Trains per day - 1
Price from - 2589
Route overview

Route overview

Estonia timetable

Departure time
Travel time Arrival time Train Price from
Tallinn β€” St. Petersburg
Daily: 16:48
7h 10m23:58
Tallinn β€” Tver
Daily: 16:48
14h 31m07:19
Tallinn β€” Moscow
Daily: 16:48
16h 42m09:30

Trains between Estonia and Russia


Enjoy your Journey with Train Estonia - Russia

Traveling by train gives a wonderful experience to the travel affectionate passengers. A journey by train from Estonia to Russia is one of the best-chosen modes of transportation from one country to another. Here are some of the details about your journey by train from Estonia to Russia.

The Guide for Train

Baltic Express Train 34, which is run by Russian Railways, covers its route from Estonia to St. Petersburg, Moscow. The train starts its journey from Estonia, Europe and reaches Moscow, Russia in longer hours. It covers the distance of 868 km and takes about 16h 42m to reach the Russia station that depends on the direction. This train from Estonia to Russia runs daily. It is an overnight train as it covers most of its journey in the nighttime.
This high-speed train reaches Russia through various stations. It consists of 2nd and 3rd class compartments. The 2nd class compartments consist of total four berths i.e. two at upper and two at the lower end. Its 3rd class compartment is like an open car having around 54 sleeping berths. All the berths are of around 110 cm in width and are very comfortable to sit. During its booking, the passenger has to book the whole of it.
A carriage is also attached with the seats that add more comfort to the passengers during their journey. This train does not have any restaurant car, though the snacks are served in the morning. This train also provides the sleeper cabins that are very contented for sleeping while traveling from Estonia to Russia or vice versa.
Train tickets from a visit to Russia from Estonia can be booked in both the ways i.e. online and offline. Tickets are available in both the electronic and paper ticket form. Booking train tickets from Estonia- Russia online is a timesaving facility. The passengers themselves as per their requirements can do online ticket bookings.

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Questions and Answers

How far is Tallinn from Russia?
The distance between Tallinn and Russia is 3987 km. The road distance is 1044.2 km.
How can I book an electronic ticket on the route Estonia and Russia?
Go to the β€œRoutes” section, select the train route and date and follow the further instructions.
How to travel from Tallinn to St. Petersburg?
Take an easy train journey! The best place to book tickets is via the
How long does the train take from Tallinn to St Petersburg?
Fastest journey - 7h 10m. Distance - 320 km.