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Trains between Belarus and Russia
First and last trains

First & last trains

First departure - 03:36
Last departure - 21:45
Trains overview

Trains overview

Trains per day - 1-2
Price from - 2529
Route overview

Route overview

Belarus timetable

Departure time
Travel time Arrival time Train Price from
Minsk β€” Moscow
Daily: 00:36
8h 33m09:09
Minsk β€” Moscow
By schedule: 04:32
10h 58m15:30
Minsk β€” St. Petersburg
Daily: 18:22
14h 54m09:16
Gomel β€” Moscow
Daily: 18:23
12h 30m06:53
Minsk β€” St. Petersburg
Daily: 18:45
13h 10m07:55

Trains between Belarus and Russia


Plan your Journey from Belarus to Russia by Train

Various modes of travel are available to visit from one place to another. These modes of travel are chosen by the passengers as per their convenience and comfort. Here, we would like to apprise you about Belarus to Russia train.

A glimpse of train from Belarus to Russia

Trains available by Belarus railways from Belarus to Russia depart from Minsk for Moscow, Russia. This train runs every day from Belarus to Russia and is fast and high in speed train. The existing train cover up 676 km journey in 8h 33m. Both 1st and 2nd class compartments are available. It reaches Russia going through different countries.

Facilities available

Belarus Railways provides great hospitality within the train. Passengers can order their meals to the compartments of the train. It has the restaurant car that caters to the passengers as per the passengers' requirements. The restaurant car offers snacks, beverages and delicious meals to the passengers. The seats of the 1st class compartment are very much relaxed and also consist of a service zone of tea, coffee, magazines, newspapers, etc. In 2nd class, compartments have two rows containing seats on opposite sides. It has different seats available for handicapped passengers. It does not allow smoking on the train.

Train Tickets Belarus-Russia Online

Comfort for booking a train ticket is the first priority of every passenger. The ticket booking process is available in both online and manual booking ways. Belarus railways provide the facility of booking tickets online from Belarus to Russia. These tickets can be booked from any part of the world with ease.
Train tickets can also be booked or collected from the, and travelers mostly prefer exactly online ticket booking. Online ticket booking further saves lots of time and is comfortable.

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Questions and Answers

Fast train operating on Moscow to Minsk route?
The train #001/002 Belarus operates on Minsk to Moscow route every day. The train is managed by Belarus Railways. It covers 750 km in 9 hours.
How can I get Belarus visa?
You need to get a Belarus transit visa to cross the territory of Belarus!
Problems with entering Russia from Belarus by train?
Theoretically third country citizens are not allowed to cross BY/RUS border, no matter have they visas or not. In practice the passengers on transiting trains and coaches will be allowed into Russia.
Where can I buy tickets for the night train Minsk - Moscow?
You can book tickets and reservations for the night trains at!