The Share Of Electronic Tickets 🚅 Will Rise ⬆ To 70%
The share of electronic tickets will rise to 70%
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November 21, 2018
by Train to Russia
All would agree that electronic tickets are certainly a great invention. It is a perfect alternative to paper tickets. Currently, the Russian railway provides passengers with all possible ways of easy buying of e-tickets. You can buy the travel document at a wide variety of websites, including the, where you can find a lot of additional information. You are offered the e-tickets, which are full-fledged travel documents independently of train type and a route. Also, electronic train tickets in Russia are considered to be a fiscal document and are adopted by Accounting if it is necessary to underwrite the cost of traveling during the business trip. The share of electronic tickets will rise to 70%

The share of electronic tickets is increasing – advantages of e-tickets

For current moment electronic train tickets are available for the trains of different classes, including long-distance trains and trains in international traffic. Today the trade of electronic train tickets encompasses over 70% diverse trains in the Russian Federation and this trend is likely to continue.
Concerning the advantages and major features of electronic train tickets of Russian railway, they are the following:

  • The electronic train ticket is to be presented both in hard copy containing QR code and in the form of QR code on your cell phone, tablet or laptop display
  • The electronic train ticket provides you the same rights and possibilities as a paper counterpart
  • The electronic train ticket contains the same information about the passenger as a paper counterpart
  • It is impossible to lose or spoil the e-ticket. Passenger data is stored in a special electronic database and the travel document can be restored at any time

Both options of train ticket possess a certain number of advantages. For example, the e-ticket is not going to be exchanged at a railway station. It is becoming easier to buy the electronic train ticket, the only thing you need to do is go to the website and book the tickets in just a few minutes.
However, with regard to hard copy, the following points must be emphasized:

  • You can buy a paper train ticket with home or office delivery. In the case of paper train tickets, you can pay the bill in cash
  • In a reward situation, you can get your money back immediately
  • When you buy a paper train ticket you deal with the professional cashier who knows all the subtleties of ticket searching and can help you if there are no tickets or offer you better seats in the compartment

Well, anyway it’s up to you what kind of train ticket to buy, but the practice shows that e-tickets are more preferable among passengers. We’re pretty sure that’s why the share of tickets will rise to 70% in the very near future.