Prices In New Second-Class Cars 🚃 Will Remain The Same
Prices in new second-class cars will remain the same
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November 20, 2018
by Train to Russia
Many of the passengers worried about whether the tickets prices for trains in Russia will remain on their new concepts. It can now confidently be said that the rise in Russian railways tickets is not to be deployed. Thus, you can travel by train at no additional cost. Prices in new second-class cars will remain the same

How carriages can be and how does the type of car affects the train ticket price

The train cars according to the classes are categorized into:

  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • luxury class

By type of wagon the classification is the following:

  • sitting arrangement car
  • compartment
  • open carriage
  • open carriage with sitting places
  • sleeping car
  • railway carriage with soft seats
  • international traffic car with compartments for 4 passengers
  • international traffic car with compartments for 3 passengers

Depending on the type of carriage are setting out the services for travelers. The most expensive tickets are those which are assigned to international traffic car since in this case, you can count on first-class cervices and total comfort during the trip.

In terms of comfort level, the compartments for 4 passengers in international traffic trains are identical to those used in trains of domestic traffic. For international routes are assigned only high-class trains with comfortable new carriages. They have a lot of nice and very important things (for example, a scoreboard with a running informational line in the car corridor).

Depending on the route there can be a shower, air conditioning, individual lighting and socket for every passenger in the compartment.

Some international trains have compartments for three persons. There are 33 passenger places in this type of carriage. In the compartment, all three berths are located opposite each other on one side. These compartments can be assigned and for two persons - the middle berth is to remain in the raised position. The compartment of this type is smaller than a 4-berth coupe and may seem cramped. Currently, 3-berth compartments are now used very rarely. Traveling in the compartment of this type is comfortable only if there are two passengers. Regarding the facilities, as a rule, the compartment contains a chair, table, washstand, and wardrobe.

One of the most common types of train carriages is second-class cars. They are comfortable enough, you can buy cheap tickets for the trip in this compartment. If you want to spend a few hours in comfort, peace, and quiet, and get the destination cheaply, this option is perfect for you. And it is befitting that the prices in new second-class cars will remain the same in the nearest future.

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