New Second-Class Cars πŸšƒ Will Soon Appear On The Trains
New second-class cars will soon appear on the trains
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November 19, 2018
by Train to Russia
The coming changes will be applied immediately, thus the appearance of new 2nd class carriages can be regarded as a qualitatively new level of passenger traffic allowed you to travel by train in Russia much more comfortably. This means, first and foremost, putting an end to overpayments for tickets in 1st class cars.
On the website, you can buy Russian train tickets online for seats in a new second-class car at a reasonable price. The ticket booking is effortless and takes only a few minutes. We sell train tickets for all types of cars, respectively, it’s up to you what type of rail wagon to chose and how much money to spend on ticket purchase. New second-class cars will soon appear on the trains

The facts you should know about the new second-class cars

  • The carriage is divided into shuttered 4-berth compartments. The total amount of seats is 40
  • More personal space due to modular designs
  • There is an air conditioning system in the compartment. The cost of the ticket includes meals, media, sanitary-hygienic set, and bedding. You are allowed to travel with pets. The carriage is equipped with chemical toilet

It worth noting that the second-class cars are categorized into:

  • economy class compartment (without services);
  • with seats only (without services);
  • with seats only (with services, air conditioning included);
  • economy class compartment (with services)

The passenger traffic in this type of cars is going to be much more comfortable and safe. All the carriages meet European quality and are perfectly good for international routes. On this picture you can see how does it look and what is the difference between the current 2nd class carriages and those that are to appear in the nearest future.

One of the second-class cars is compatible with the bar unit. You can buy refreshing drinks and cold dishes in the dining car. The car contains one toilet, accessible for wheelchair users and meeting the requirements of TSI PRM. There are also areas for passengers with prams, bicycles and bulky luggage. Also in each car will be individual WI-FI antenna.